Are you in profoundly of pain since tubal ligation?

I have a tubal ligation a year and a half ago. Since I have it done, I spend about three weeks every month beside constant pain and cramps. It evens wake me from my sleep. I have a strange insurance plan and the HMO is terrible and the doctor say that it is "all surrounded by my head". He has not ordered any test for me and tells me only take midol or something over the counter. The doctor who perform the tubal has since retired and I can not stand this bright doctor as he is completely ignoring me. I am not imagine this, I am in much torment. Does anyone else have any experience next to this?

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I know what your talking something like.I had tubal ligation 15 years ago,and be 2 a couple docters.They say duplicate thing 2 me its adjectives in my organizer.I'm not a person who take drugs or likes taking medcations.But sometimes the anguish is so bad ,adjectives i can do is crawl in a orb and try to deal.My paps allways come bac clear and accurate.

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I have a tubal many years ago beside no lasting side effects or discomfort once the muscles healed. You necessitate to go to an ER or at most minuscule see another doctor as something doesn't sound right!

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the doc said its surrounded by your head i would bring back a lawyer and sue his a** thats bull acquire another doc asap it should not hurt over a year after you had it done! my fiance is getting fixed hahahaha i have 2 kids thats the least HE can do!

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Maybe you enjoy adhesions. HMO's are not devastating and you may just own the wrong doctor thats all.

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