I haven't had my time of year since the week of christmas?

i am not sexually active at this time so i know it's not that but i really don't know what it is. and i am starting to achieve scared because i am merely sixteen years old and this shouldn't be arranged to me. please help if you know what it could be.

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If you haven't been sexually influential at all since your end period afterwards you probably aren't pregnant although a test would rule it out for sure. You don't utter when you started your periods as it is not unusual for them to be sporadic for a while and some women are lately very irregular. The best piece you can do is see your GP and discuss your full history, they will no doubt do a pregnancy exam as well as some blood work to determine your hormone level as you could be deficient and that would also be a use. Your diet could be a factor, are you getting enough nutrients, especially iron, are you inwardly a normal shipment for your height and build. It could be masses things but only your GP can find out for sure. Good luck!

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your having jesus

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Well, at that age, your periods are somewhat out of whack. When I was your age, I have mine every other month. I would go capture a check up and mention that to your doctor.

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First, enjoy you ever been sexually involved sonce christmas week? If you have in that is a possibility you are pregnant, but if you havent dont worry, you're not.

What i would do, since you are still infantile, when girls start there period, they can be very irregular especially the first couple of year, similar to they can be off and on. And come and turn at unusual times. I would go to your doctor and relate them the situation, they then can endow with you a check up and take some rough tests to see if you hormone level are normal. Nothing scarey or anything. Just principal stuff.

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don't be scared, newly see your dr.
i've heard of long, irregular cycles but adjectives of a sudden?
no dr? free clinic.
no free clinic?
one of those online ask a dr. forums, not here.

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Have you gained or lost seriously of weight? That alone can produce your cycles to not work right. The good word is that it probably nothing dire. The unpromising news is that you probably should variety an appointment to see a gynecologist.

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periods can be really irregular when your younger...so that could be it... i wouldnt worry nearly it especially if you havent had sex.

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