I have get my 1st period since have my baby almost 3 months ago. I am breastfeeding. Is that mundane?

Let me also say that I am taking birth control.(Alesse-28) My length is really heavy and it's be about a week very soon. It started before I started my sugar pills. Also it's enormously bright red and thin. Not what I'm used to. Should I nickname my doctor? I thought you didn't get a cycle when you nursed.

Is it possible that breasts verbs to grow after 19(not including pregnancy)?

Yes some women have no length at all while breastfeeding resembling myself but your body may just be all set to go posterior to normal. Getting your extent while breast feeding is different for every women and you may not enjoy a perfect cycle any but if you are not wanting to get prego again I suggest still using birthcontrol. IF it persist for to long and to heavy and you quality sick you should call your dr though lately to double check.

Help! Reoccuring BV?

I have four children and nursed until more or less 12 months old near each. With two of the babies, I get my first period inside six weeks after their births. This belief you do not get your extent or that you cannot get pregnant ,while nursing, is SO NOT TRUE! You can gain pregnant and your period starts at any time your body decide. When you speak of sugar pills, do you mean you are taking birth control? Unless things hold changed from 5 years ago, it is dangerous for the toddler to nurse from their mother if she is on on birth control. They are ingesting birth control through your breast milk. Please talk to your pharmacist or doctor IMMEDIATLEY something like this.

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