Girls, did any of you catch the shot to prevent cervical cancer? [gardasil]?

my arm is so sore and it hurt so bad when i get the shot!

Is my vargina normal?

Well hold on becasue it is not 1 shot - it is 3! So you own 2 more to go... but on the positive side, you are protecting yourself fron the possibility of years of heartache, twinge and treatments if you were unlucky adequate to get that form of cancer.
Chin up sweetie - it is for the greater upright!

Has anyone ever had a sometime fever?

no...some of us are not skanks

Lost voiceHow do I acquire it back?

I haven't even so, but I definitly will. Since its so new Im waiting to see what some of the effects might be

Still sweat?

No I did not transport the shot. In my opinion, a shot will not TOTALLY prevent you from getting cervical cancer or any other cancer for that situation. I think the Gardasil shot is merely another way for healthcare professionals to manufacture money. It is not worth it in my judgment.

Am i okay?

I haven't but I will. I don't know if they will give it to me because of my age (25). I read that it be for girls who are between 15-12 and virgins.

Tampon EMERgENCY please help!?

no i didnt achieve the shot yet, i want to bring it but i am scared of shots lol!

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i get it.. and it hurt really bad. it hurt because of the entry they put in is so gooey that after it get's sore. but i'll jump away.

Hi how can i enlarge?

I enjoy gotten it I have my final injection next month so yay! When I get mine it hurt too, it hurt so bad when I have to put my jacket back on after my finishing injection I could get that arm surrounded by the sleeve! The nurse had to facilitate me get it My arm kept falling down! Oh and for the individual that posted to this question first you don't enjoy to be a "skank" to get cervical cancer.

Why am I suddenly remarkably interested in sex? I've had no interest in sex for at lowest possible 15 years. Why now?

i am not a girl but want to carry it since 80% of people capture is also approved for males.

Endometriosis, Do You Know Anyone with it?

I be already sexually active (married) for years beforehand this came out, so I didn't procure it. I would have thought I'd never obligation it anyway, since I only have one partner (my husband).

Well, guess what girls - not only skanks acquire STDs. I never cheated on my husband, but he cheated on me & surprise - I have an STD immediately. I thought I could trust him 100%. So, I will get the shot for my daughter because no concern how good a party you are, all it take is for your partner to screw up even one time and you retribution for the rest of your life.

Believe me, the niggle of a shot in zilch compared to the pain you can touch 'down there' after getting an STD.

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