Stress oblige?

how can i make my self smaller quantity stress without the doctor and meds im single 13 but its really messing up my life

Why am I constantly constipated?

First, take a breath. Life may come across impossible, but it will get better.

Learn to lug things differently. Don't put so much pressure on so many different things. Understand that failing is an pick, and it's nothing to be alarmed of!

Also, take a tub. Exercise more. Find ways to relieve your stress.

Why does my sexual desire go away once i surface intimate with someone?

Try the Spa, or Swimming conceivably?

Why do stupid people save asking questions nearly pregnancy or sex when they can't spell either one?

try not to verbs about things until it's at that moment. Like i used to verbs alot about test even if they were on Friday and it be a Monday. So I started a schedule I plan out everything I inevitability to do. If you do that and look at the paper and speak oh no i have a million things to do next your taking it all wrong. Take it one item at a time.

Question for girls only in the region of some cramp problems i'm having?

what are you stressing over? Really mull over about what you stress over the most because that is to say what leads to stressing over other things because you havent overcome the stress of what cause the stress! Try to find something you love to do but doesnt take allot out of you to do, it really does abet. Plus you are still young what is at hand for you to stress over besides school and boys and parents.? I know one entity is for sure and that is if you find out what is causeing the stress and try to find a channel around it. It usually leads to you not stressing over other stuff. Try getting out more and anyone social with vivacity and all its creatures, humour is the best cure!

If you stop drinking soda will it help you loose counterweight?

Get some exercise. It really helps release the stress hormone, and it increases your 'quality good' hormones (endorphins). Exercise provides a socially all right means of physically releasing glum energy. Certain forms of exercise (jogging, cross country skiing, swimming, hiking, bicycling) require a in principle consistent repetitive motion that can alter one's state of consciousness.

Try yoga and meditation, too. The deep breathing and stretching is terrifically relaxing.

Try to find someone to talk to something like your feelings. Keeping it adjectives pent-up just stresses you out more. Confide contained by a trusted friend or family extremity. If you can't find anyone to talk to, and you perceive like you will burst, email me. I will try to comfort.

What is a healthy blood pressure reading for a woman aged between 20-35?

i would usually sleep if you usually travel to bed at 10pm, go to bed close to 9 or something...and talk it iout beside your parents, older siblings, and counselors if it make you feel better. listen to music, drink chocloate, etc :]

Do gynocologists ever get turned on when examining a vagina?

i hold had a problem resembling that lately, you can exercise, get some hobbies, but it will truly not achieve better untill you discover the source and work it out...

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