Endometriosis, PMT, Prostap, Livial & Hysterectomy?

HI Everyone, I have diagnosed endometriosis which have bean heat treated (26.03.07). Historically I enjoy suffered very sore and heavy period that can be in excess of 8 days contained by length. This can prove to be very unbearable. I also suffer extreme PMS that brings tearfulness, sore breasts, mood changes and extreme fatigue (amongst other symptoms). I also hold had small fibroids.

I enjoy been offered a medical menopause beside the administration of PROSTAP beside add-back therapy near Livial (3 months duration). If this proves successful at reducing my symptoms a complete hysterectomy will be offered. In the main adjectives the patient reviews I own read off the internet tend to illuminate adjectives the negatives beside PROSTAP therapy and that it can induce adjectives the symptoms that I am trying to eradicate with the added inconvenience of potential freight gain and hair loss. Anyone own any similar experiences to share and able to proposition any advice? Many gratitude. Shellie x aged 43

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First of all, I am impressively sorry that you have to stir through the pain of endometriosis! I'm merely 23 but I got diagnosed beside it almost 2 years ago. I went through a laproscopy within September of 2005 to have the lesion lasered off. I be told that it might come back and unluckily it did. I went to a different OBGYN after that hoping that they would own an alternative solution rather than going through surgery again. He put me on Lupron Depo next to the add-back therapy. I be supposed to be on it for 6 months but stopped after 3 months due to the medication causing me to hold panic attacks (my doctor couldn't explain why). Even after single 3 months, the symptoms are almost completely gone for now. I have a sneaking suspicion that even if you are reading about adverse affects, it's manifestly worth a try just to see how your body react. Everything might be okay. I would definitely try the medication in the past considering a complete hysterectomy. I wish you the best of luck beside everything!

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I've have all your problems and arranged to have a hysterectomy, i be 32years old and it be best for me,I've been on hrt for years and perceive great now, obedient luck to you and don't worry i'm sure you'll be fine

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I am sorry almost your pain.
I have a hysterectomy in Dec. Best item I ever did.


Good Luck

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I have impossible to tell apart thing u hold,heavy period bad cramps cloting,desperate pms and mood swings. I couldn't leave the house it be so bad. I also enjoy fibroids. My Dr. asked me if I wanted to grasp novasure ablation, it is a procedure they do before a hysterectomy, I said yes, It have changed my life for the better,I havent have my period for 6 months immediately, no more pms symptoms at all. I discern great. u can find it online, Novasure ablation. I hope this helps u also I am 40 honourable luck.

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