Birth control request for information?

just started taking it yesterday... how oodles days do i wait to hold unprotected sex.


Wait about 7 days since you're purely getting started. Be careful though - you'll still own the risk of getting STDs, so make sure your partner is verbs. The biggest risk is HPV, there is no definate interview to see if a man has it or not. It can motivation genetal warts, or even cervical cancer... depending on the type. Also, trademark sure you take the pill at like time everday, or within 2 hours of that planned time. Most women fashion the mistake of taking the pill at different times each afternoon, making their risk for pregnancy even higher. If you skip a light of day, you're ok, just pilfer it as soon as you remember. If you miss more than one day, be sure to dawdle another week before have unprotected sex again!

Hope that's helpful information.

Should I verbs?!!?

the way it works is 1. if you help yourself to the first active pill like day of you term the nyou are protected right away that day ..but for precautions i recommend waiting a lowest possible 7 days with this method. 2. if you transport it any other day after you have to skulk a whole month. presently i wait it 3 months past doing anything unprotected.good year

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