What are double breast implants call?

ok i asked this yesterday, all i get were guys adage how i shouldn't change myself. which be a total shocker. if anyone has an actual answer it would be much appreciated. otherwise my is going to hold to find a plastic surgeon to find out. i don't want to bother them until i have adjectives the info on the surgery. thank you for your time :)

I am 20 weeks pregnant, I have have ultrasounds and know the baby is fine?

I believe they are call Double Lumen Breast Implants. You have an outer shell and an inner shell. The inner shell is prefilled near silicone gel and then the outer shell is bursting at the time of the procedure with saline. I hope this is courteous.

HTH : )

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I have hear of a duble bubble, thats When implants are placed at the back the pectoral muscle, rather than contained by front of it, women whose breasts have begin sagging smoothly can experience a unique complication commonly referred to as double bubble. While the surround remains in place, breast tissue sags bellow it, creating the appearance of two separate breast creases.

Does this help?

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