I enjoy a Tubal Ligation Question?

On Thursday I had a BTL, and I be told about contained by 2 days I should feel almost run of the mill, well today is the 3rd day and I am still contained by pain, very soon I know that there is some agony and discomfort to feel, but It get so bad that I can't stand up straight impose it hurts. It also hurts when I lay on my side in the bed... Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it is only just taking me longer to heal? I call my doctor and another doctor was on name today and he told me to just move about to the ER to get checked... I want to furnish it a few more days though to see if it goes away... I basically want to know if it is normal? If anyone else experienced this too.. also.. It kinda itches on my stomach around my naval, and it's existing real tender ... I even hurts when I wander and laugh or cough.. Anyways, if anyone have any advice or have went through this too, please write me final and let me know... I would really appreciate it for any comments,, thank you

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It will take a few days to gain better. You're going to have some dull pain for a few days, that's normal. Try lay on your back instead of your side until you bring back better. But if you are having any concerned of severe pain, confusion, any kind of bleeding, shift to the emergency room right away to make sure in attendance isn't any infection going on. Hope you get better soon! :)

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a Dr.s few days is really about 1 or 2 weeks=it will shift away =try to lay on your back to hang on to from paining =good luck

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What you are experiencing is completely normal. When I have my BTL, I hurt for a little over a week. Like you, it hurt to stand up, screech, cough, bend over or sit up.

It will get better. You're doing fine.

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