What are your thoughts on the HPV vaccine?

some are for it and some are actually against getting it.
i say aloud its better to be safe after sorry...its not harmful...and for most girls their insurance covers it.

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Guardasil, the HPV vaccine, will save more lives than Penicillin ever did over time. The just folks who are against it are the small minded folks (usually overly religious) who think thriftiness is the best policy. Unfortunately, HPV which can lead to cervical cancer is a virus that can be contracted at any time during your life span from having sex even one time near someone who is a carrier. However, the vaccine is solely effective contained by young women who hold not yet be exposed to the virus. An even bigger reality check is that 1 surrounded by 4 sexual partners hold been exposed to the virus, are a delivery service and don't even know it. Here are the facts: Your young sweet daughter is going to own sex with some horny moron no thing how much crap you jam into her person in charge not to and any fool who wouldn't want their daughter to live a healthy natural life shouldn't have children to inaugurate with! The three guardasil vaccines are worth the $1000 you'll spend on them to knock sour one more potential slaughterer of your child. Wake up..


I'm honestly not sure what to think. I infer there are other ways for a woman to hold on to her body healthy. We can't turn to vaccination for everything.

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well thats true but it dosent cover adjectives types

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If it can stop cancer - any kind of cancer - I'm adjectives for it.

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I'm not against the vaccine itself, I abhor the way everybody is trying to flog it as a vaccine for cancer. I'm from Texas and got completely mad when our governor propsed making it required to be in academy! The best way to avoid HPV is still sheltered sex practices.

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I think have a vaccination for something to be precise very contagious is a great piece. You can get HPV from a toilet or a shared towel... that's pretty startling.

I however do not trust anything new where on earth medicine is concerned.

They other seem to be oblivious to long occupancy affects when doing studies for new meds.
The maker just want to draw from their product out there ASAP and nearby have be too many mistakes surrounded by the past to clear me trust anything that hasn't been on the open market for a while.

That is the only concern I own. I don't any objections to its use beyond that seeing that some stands of HPV can end in cervical cancer and eighty-percent of college-age women have be exposed.

Stats indicate that if you and your partner are not virgins then you more than predictable have already be exposed. Not only that, condoms can't protect you against it as okay as it does from other STDs.

Tell that to the women who think that it is a disease for the promiscuous.

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I have be hearing give or take a few this a lot and nearby are a few things that bother me about. I approaching the idea, the concept though, so don't achieve me wrong, it's just the effecting of the whole item that sucks.

The first thing that I be aware of uncomfortable give or take a few is the fact that it is anyone pushed so quickly to become a *mandated* vaccine (in California at smallest, and I just read that the bill be shelved because of concerns that not enough trialling had be done). I don't think satisfactory testing have been done, and contained by fact I hold heard that the efficacy of the vaccine hasn't be as high as be indicated in the studies.

The second thing I am discomfited about is that alike company that brought us vioxx (Merck) and marketed it really complex before ample testing have been, is using equal tactic for the HPV vaccine because their competitors are coming out soon with their own vaccine. I don't trust them because they don't appear to be hoping for the wellness of their patients as much as hoping for the wellness of their bank accounts. On the other paw, they do deserve to make a profit if they enjoy come up with a angelic product., just not by aggressive marketing and lobbying.

The third article that bothers me is that becuase the vaccine is targeted to women, you are essentially missing half the population. I realize that the conducting tests hasn't been completed for males but, but that it is being worked on, but doesn't that indicate that this might be going too hasty?

The fourth thing is that I don't reflect the HPV vaccine inocculates one against all the HPVs, so you might bring back a false sense of protection and not get PAP smears. On the other paw, it's great that they might be able to inoculate against *any* HPV.

I think have a vaccine is a great idea, but the processed have been rushed by the industry to the point where on earth it is clearly economic motivation for them, not condition motivation. I do look forward to being competent to prevent cervical cancer!

National Public Radio (NPR) has some really thoughtful and informed programs about the HPV vaccine, including panel discussions etc. If you type "HPV vaccine" into the investigate engine, all sorts of things will show up!

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there is no cure for HPV.

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From a guy's perspective I'd think that anything that might prevent a disease would be worth investigating. For underage teen girls I deduce it should be left up to the parents and not a state mandate. You know I construe there's alot of paranoia roughly speaking vaccines, but also at the same time I also don't resembling the fact that drug companies over-hype their drugs and put ethnic group's health @ risk for profit. And explicitly fact fairly than myth! And I don't have much dependence in the FDA at present for they can't even control contaminated pet food..it's just a thing of time before the human food secure has matching sort of problems for we've already seen ecoli within spinach, lettuce. they say their funding have been cut so I'm concerned they might be bought bad by a drug maker. The FDA is a scandal waiting to ensue and we'll be the one's who'll pay for it!

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