I am becomming more anxious more or less tubal ligation, please share your experiences...?

I have signed adjectives the paperwork nec. for the tubal to be done after I deliver my baby subsequent month. I am 27 and this will be my second and last child for sure. I know I one and only want 2 kids.My question is how did it dance for you? Are there any side affects or risks that they dont relate you about? Let me know your or a friend's experience near the surgery please!

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I have a tubal ligation about 8 years ago. It be painful, since it be an 'outpatient' operation. Insurance companies should really allow you to stay overnight, but they don't. Make sure you have the means to stay off your foot for a week...have someone minister to you with the attention of your kids. Otherwise, I have have not problems and no regrets! Just make sure you any protect yourself from getting pregnant or abstain from intercourse for a while before the surgery. You don't want a tubal pregnancy. I hold 2 wonderful kids, and because of my situation then, I thought it be the right thing to do, and I still feel it was the right point to do.

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For God's sakes. Please DON"T share your experiences. This is supposed to be a people show.

Besides, read the terms of use. This is a discussion topic, not a cross-examine. It belongs on the boards, NOT on Answers!

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Any surgery has risks, and your doctor should explain these to you.

I have no problems, other than hasty shoulder pain. They put some nouns into you to give them better access to the uterus; the atmosphere migrates through the system and winds up contained by the shoulders. It hurt for a few hours.

Other than that, I had no problems. There wasn't any misery in the teeny incisions, which heal almost instantly.

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I've never have this done or know anyone who has, but contained by reguards to the first person who "answered" your put somebody through the mill they aren't exactly correct. You asked if anyone has any experiences and if anyone know any side effects they don't tell you roughly, which are both perfectly valid question.

Good luck with your surgery and your exotic baby!

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I had this done after my third child and although I be sure that I only required three children, I went through a liberal of mourning period because i could not hold any more children that I couldn't really explain rationally. I only just want you to expect to be a little sorrowful, perhaps. It be quite manifestly the right thing to do for me and I own never regretted it . I just have to get used to the model with some loving back from my family.

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I have hear...I'm no doctor but I heard from a doctor ending week during a training session: That the surgical intrusion into the area where on earth your tubes are disrupts normal estrogen production so that it can gross it necessary to whip birth control pills to even out your hormones.


Well, I chose to have my tubes tied because I have a son with an orthopedic handicap.

As I be going under, I required to say "no, I've changed my mind", but I be under too promptly to do so, and I've never regretted my decision to enjoy my tubes tied.
I don't know your situation, so I can't say if you should own the surgery. I do know that you should have your husband's agreement and NOT do it short discussing it with him.

I have a hard time coming out from below because they gave me Demerol and my body won't tolerate Demerol. It does NOT back me, and it gives me nightmares and terror. My son cannot have it any, so he told the doctors he's allergic to it. I kept having terror... frightening "dreams" that made my coming out from anesthesia terrifying and difficult. When I finally get them to STOP giving me Demerol shots in their mistaken assumption that I was contained by pain, I finally started to come out from the anesthesia.

I do remember proverb I felt close to I'd been run over by a truck, so here was greatly of soreness, but it went away duly fast. I still expect the soreness was nought compared to the horrible dreams the Demerol gave me.

I'm glad I have the surgery. I had suitable reason to do so. The problem is that it's quite permanent so you inevitability to make sure you enjoy a really good apology to do this surgery.

I was within my mid 30's when I had my surgery. I feel much better once I went home.

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I had it done rear in "83". No Problems. Except that i be married to my first husband and the dirty dog didn't deserve another child .And i was competent to divorce him 12 years later and i remarried and i required to have another child for my 2nd husband and i couldn't. I didn't enjoy the money to reverse the surgery. So make sure you can seize it reversed, you never know.Your period become shorter,cramps less severe.The risk would be that you could receive pregnant in your tubes.By canon they( doctors)have to tell you of the side effects and risks. Ask question again before your surgery to be sure that this is what you want. Good Luck!

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I never have it but I read about the danger of this procedure and I think you should be aware of the danger before you do it. I hope your doctor told you adjectives the risks. Like it says here:
As next to all surgical procedures, tubal ligation have some rare, but possible, risks associated near it, including infection and excess bleeding. If you opt for the procedure right after giving birth and experience any of these side effects, it could make your retrieval from childbirth that much harder.

Also, having a tubal ligation might increase your risk of developing ovarian cysts, according to a study by researchers at the University of Washington (published in the August, 2003 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology).

But the biggest downside to the procedure is its connection. If you change your mind, the cost of reversing a tubal ligation is lofty, with no guarantee of nouns. To make sure you don't want to conceive any more children, ask yourself some tough question: How would you feel if you lost your partner to passing or through divorce or separation; is there any providence you might want to have a child beside another person? Is in attendance any scenario in which you could dream of ever having more biological children? If you mull over it's at all possible, it's probably best to choose another form of contraception. http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/baby/po...

There is more but I did not want to throw too plentiful sites on you :)
Good luck whatever you opt.

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