What are the complications of TPN treatment?


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In total parenteral therapy usual complication is hyperglycemia,phlebitis because of strong concentration infused in the capillary, and etc.

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i had TPN surrounded by feb. the worst part is watching them put the main line within. they go surrounded by through your arm at the crease of your elbow. they have to cut a hole in the order of the size of a thick pencil lead. they then consider your arm and from your arm to your heart (since thats where the cease of the line is going)to manufacture sure they have ample line. it isnt uncomfortable they numb the area 1st but if you dont approaching needles i wouldnt watch. i watch and thought it was pretty cool... after it is adjectives over w/ they will take an x-ray to put together sure that it is in the right place.
i didnt enjoy any problems..just a blemish to remind me where it be. but they will give you a quality newspaper to sign giving them permission to do it and on that near will be the list of complications (the 2 fundamental ones are infection and thrombosis-obstruction of an artery or vein by a blood)

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