Please relieve?

I've been getting profusely of preg symptoms including nausea, enlarged breasts and stomach. I haven't missed a period and adjectives the tests are glum. But I feel throbbing in my stomach and I keep hold of thinking, I didn't really have sex. I dry hump and 1 time, I merely had pajamas but he have pants on. Is in that still a possiblity? Can I trust the test?

The blood interview I took was 13 days post possible conception and hCg smooth less that 2...

please please please HELP ME!

This have been going on for 7 or 8 weeks.

Can the pill give you migraines?

you cant possibly be pregnant if you be both dressed,and as for having a pulse surrounded by your stomach ,of course you own its yours duh,

Best Way?

Why dont u go see a doctor? That would oblige alot...

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