What Besides Stress And Pregnancy Can Cause A Woman's Period To Be Late?

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You're right. Stress and pregnancy can explanation a woman to miss or be late on her time of year. Other things include, weight (too much or too little), extreme mass gain or loss, lack of sleep, poor diet, iron not as much as, or too much exercise. And some women are just not "regular" every month.

Also, it's middle-of-the-road for some women to have a time of year every 30 or 31 days... or even every 24 days or so. It can vary from one woman to another. If you are concerned roughly speaking your late or missed length, you should talk to your doctor. Especially if this isn't "normal" for you.

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Benig underweight is one of the commonly known ones, as economically as being sick for an extended time (I remember skipping a term during a particular summer that I be sick for nearly a month). But it can also happen to women as they age. Physiology change. One that may not be known is that as a immature woman in her 20s will shift through it in her mid-to-late 20s. It hit me severely, when I be 27. Perhaps it happens moreso to those who own not had babies. But my body have changed. My period be irregular for over a year, and finally it established regularity. I heard that this be actually COMMON. But not so adjectives among mothers. Despite this, a woman's menstrual cycle will change as she ages. That's in principle obvious, but not explicit enough.

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