Does have HPV mean that you will draw from cancer?

Does anyone know the statistics? It seems that most individuals will have or already own HPV. It's unlike other STD in that you don't hold to have sex to bring back that why it's so common? I"m trying to digit this all out.

Thank you for your answers!

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no, it doesn't niggardly that you willnecessarily get cancer. Most of the hpv virus cell are not cancerous. in certainty, I believe there are lone about 4 strains that are potentially cancer-causing. I just now did a research paper on this subject for microbiology and it be truly very interesting. There are abundantly of sites online that you can use to obtain information. However, stick to the sites tat are accredied near like the Center for Disease Control, Allergy adn infectious disease centers, etc. Try to avoid sites approaching Wikipedia where anyone can post "info" that may or may not be accurate.

Also, it is believed that nearly partly of all Americans enjoy, or have have hpv. This is a very adjectives std becuase of the increased risks due to earlier sexual contact, more sexual partner, etc. If you do have this, which you may or may not know as the symptoms can lay dormant adn you can remain asymptomatic (symptomless) for long period of time, ALWAYS use protection. It is also a good belief to go ahead and own the cryotherapy procedure in which the hpv cell are isolated and then froze sour. it is relatively painless (cramping similar to menstrual cramps) and can help against the reoccurrence. Best of luck, I hope this info help. Email me at if you need more.

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If you have HPV, it doesn't necessarily penny-pinching that you will get cancer, it merely increases your risk of getting cancer. You can find out more from your gyn about HPV or google it.

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it can lead to cancer if you get get treated

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