What is the best alternative to breast implant.?

I don't want to get implant because they look fake but I want larger breast. Does ANYONE know of the best alternate bust improvement pill or cream?

How many of you.?

if you aren't anti lifting weights at the gym you should try doing some weights machines for your chest. things like butterfly press, rows, etc. any maching that will work your pectoral muscles. will offer you the appearance of bigger cleavage. my personal trainer told me that.

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an over abundance of self confidence.

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push-up bra or those vinyl pads you can insert in your bra.

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Girl, just win a really good push up bra. It works for Paris Hilton. She have really little boobs but when she puts one on they look bigger, yet too elevated. Dont get one that pushes them up really elevated, that looks stupid.

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chicken fillets? They step inside your bra apparently.

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Push up bras are definitely a must next to padding. The other item you can do is learn how to do push-ups correctly (they can be done standing and up against the wall). Keeping your chest muscles toned will support the girls stay perky and supported. If you decide to invest in a cream or pill, you're probably doing damage to your body or wasting money.

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dont do it i bet you look perfect next to out

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Try a water bra... it wear just similar to a normal bra, but it's get water surrounded by it, so it makes your breasts appear bigger.

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I would say the best alternative to breast implant would be a push up bra with nouns. They provide support to make your breasts look bigger and fuller, and they dont put in risk to your health as a cream or pill would.

I hope this help!

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