I am 16. I am healthy youthful adult. But lately i grain fatigue. Sometimes when i get up bad my bed i blackout?

for a few seconds. SOmetimes i procure really thirsty. SO i start to drink some water but after that i crave more, and consistency so dehydrated throughout the daytime?

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This could be zilch, but there are copious things it _can_ be, some of them serious. I don't mean to terrify you, but constant thirst is often one of the first symptoms of diabetes. This is something that should be checked out ASAP, especially if near is a history of the disease in your relatives.

Good luck.

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have u be checked for iron deficiency

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probably just the continuing effects of puberty. possibly a growth spurt? i know that i'm a guy, and you're not, but i definitely have similar symptoms when i was going through my growth spurts in my mid to postponed teens.

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You call for to see a doc. YOu are not healthy if you are blacking out and have excess thirst. Call in the morning and achieve a doc appointment.

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Low blood pressure because of dehydration. Eat pungent stuff, drink fluids, and change your antidepressant.

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It could be anything really. It could be Chronic Fatigue or Ross River Virus or anything. You probably need to progress to your doctor and get some blood work done

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There are any number of possible explanations for this, range from a minimal problem to something potentially fatal. See your doctor, ASAP.

For women or any well-versed person. "Do you suppose I could be going through menopause?

you could have a blood sugar problem. does anyone contained by your family hold diabetes? tell your parents and obtain checked out.

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