How old can a woman grasp cervical cancer?


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You can be any age and get cervical cancer.

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At any age.

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It can happen at any age. One sister get it at 45, the other sister got it at 35.

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As long as you own a cervix - then you can grasp cervical cancer - there is no age hold back!

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At any age. The elder they are the better chances they hold of living longer in most cases as cancer moves slowly in older relations.

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It can be at any age.

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As long as a woman has a cervix, cancer is other a possibility. It's important, at any age, for a woman to verbs getting at least twelve-monthly pelvic and breast exams, including mamograms, to detect any problems in the early stages if they exist.

Afer menopause, a woman's risk of cervical, uterine, ovarian, or breast cancer greatly increases due to the deficiency of estrogen production.

As the body ages, the immune system also becomes a sufferer of time and it cannot protect us as well as it did surrounded by our youth. Our healing time is slower, whether it be from colds, injuries, or other diseases.

Overall strength and avoidance of known carconigenic materials (food, industry, etc.) also play a role in our risk for cancerous cell growth. Genetics too, play a role; one that we cannot necessarily control, but at lowest we have an awareness of our risk factor and can avoid certain behaviors that would increase those risks.

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there is no limit of age when it comes to cervical cancer I know of teens who have it, and women in in that retirement years that's why a pap test is administered because precipitate detection can literaly be life in your favour while some may develop the disease for unknown reasons the HPV is a strong indicator that it may develop but not adjectives will have cancer because of HPV exposure

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Once you become sexually alive, your at risk for HPV which can lead to cervical cancer.

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