Diet and excercise cross-examine!!?

if i do sit ups every morning and afternoon for fifteen minutes will i lose weight?

I newly put in my first tampon and its hurting unpromising! is this normal?

you would hold a slimmer stomach and you burn fat..yes

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yes. but i hear sit ups only hurt your rear legs.

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Not a significant amount, but you'll see a difference in your stomach for sure, and you'll burn calories. So, to answer your interrogate, yes. Just not a lot. Only for a moment.

Best of luck.

Maybe I do have a masterbating problem?

sit ups are lone working one area of the should be doing these every other afternoon, not everyday, to let your muscles for losing cargo, you definititley need to put cardio contained by your workout and weight lifting, next u can lose weight.if you are intake well

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Not as fast as you construe. However, if you do sit-ups everyday you will tare those ab muscles and craft your body into a goddess. Try to stay patient near the pain of it self sore.

You can do it. The muscles are there, you purely need to stir them up :)

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