How long can you not have a interval while breastfeeding?

i had my babe-in-arms 5 months ago now i have stoped bleeding for 2 weeks roughly then have a light bleed for something like a week, but have have no period for 3 months in a minute, thinking this is due to breastfeeding is there anyone next to simular experiences?( i'm not preagant ).

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I breast feed all mine for over a year and respectively time started to have period after about 10 months.

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I've have 6 children. I nursed each one until they be about 2 years weak, and never had a interval until I stopped nursing. It's totally normal. And a nice benefit I'd say-so!


It is different for all women. No one can update you Im afraid

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Hi, yes i asked a similar cross-examine a few days ago, my baby is nearly 3 months weak, i bled for 4 weeks after the birth but nothing since, i'm also breastfeeding. Apparently it can halt period, everyone has a different experience though.

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I'm pretty sure it's the breast feeding especially if you are not pregnant. Check beside your doctor to be sure but thats how it worked for me with my long as I be breast feeding here was no time of year.

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not every woman is the same. it will steal a couple of months for your period to settle down. but you breastfeeding is no guarantee that your extent will stop and also, breastfeeding is not a guarantee that you won't get pregnant again. lately because you are not having regular period does not mean you are not ovulating. so mind your Ps and Qs if you are not planning another baby on the other hand.


talk to your midwife

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3 kids, adjectives breastfed, and each time my period didn't return until after i'd stopped breastfeeding; 1 at 14 months, 1 at 8 months and 1 at 9 months.

Hope this helps x

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I restarted my period 6 weeks after giving birth to my 1st son who was breastfed and 2 and a partly years after my second so there is no easier said than done and fast rule on this one, sorry. Also even if you are not getting period you may still be ovulating so use contraception if you don't want another baby extraordinarily soon! :D Its a total myth that you cant get pregnant while breastfeeding.


I would read out that is completely ordinary. I have breastfed three of mine and my youngest is 13 months and still feed. I found that there be a couple of occasions where on earth I thought I was going to carry a period but after a moment or two bit of spotting it all stopped. It seem to be that sometimes he didn't feed particularly well for a couple of days and so that would start, but i never get my period back until my infant's are a year old or nearby abouts. Not until I am down to feeding two or three times a time, then they come final. I hope this has answered your ask.

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hi you are not going to enjoy a period while you are still breastfeeding as it keep your hormones level dignified to stop producing eggs this does not mean you cant bring back pregnant but you period will stop if your child is feed often but if you child started feed on you less or not at adjectives you hormones will go put a bet on to normal and period will become reg ular again hope this has help kelly

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some society will not bleed while feeding and some will return to period straight away

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my tot is 6 months. had a pale bleed at 6 weeks and nothing since. Breast feed can stop your period right up until you stop. (hopefully haha)

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i think its best to see a doctor. my daughter is 6 months matured and still breast feeding. i single bled for 6 weeks after giving birth, then i simply had my majority monthly cycles. i have 2 kids. my first child is a boy. i go on the pill after he was born so i don't know really. everyone is different.

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This can really rise and fall. I breastfed both my children, the first time I had a neutral period when he be 2 months old, later no period subsequent month - turned out I was pregnant again. But near my daughter, I breastfed for 6 months, but didn't have a time until she was 8 months old-fashioned - on christmas day of adjectives days.

The light bleed you have my have simply be leftover blood from your postnatal bleed, as sometimes blood can can trapped around the cervix. But suffer in mind this blood would not be fresh.

However, it could also hold been a lighting period, surrounded by which case try not to verbs too much as it can take months for your regular menstrual cycle to return. In certainty it may never return the way it be before you become pregnant. Although if you have not already done so, which it sounds close to you have, it may be worth taking a pregnancy trial just surrounded by case.

If you are still concerned next your Health Visitor would probably be the best person to speak to. No disrespect intended, but in my experience GP's are not other that clued up when it comes to breastfeeding and post natal issues. For example when I became pregnant next to my daughter my GP said that I couldn't be pregnant because I was breastfeeding. Then when I go to discuss contraception after my daughter was born, he still said here was no call for for it when I was breastfeeding. Health Visitors otherwise see this kind of situation adjectives the time, so will be alot more aware of what is normal.

I own posted some links below on periods and breastfeeding, which I hope may oblige to put your mind at ease:

Best wishes to you and your baby, Mel.

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