What kind of twinge do you get if you own Endometriosis?

I heard roughly chronic pelvic pain and severe cramping. But is that it? What are adjectives the pains that come with Endometriosis, and is subsidise pain other associated with this unique disease?

Help please im confused?

No there can be adjectives sorts of pain and other issues w/ Endo. I grasp severe cramping in my abdomen and lower fund. It also causes backache by my right kidney (endo implant is terrifically close to my kidney), nauseousness, fatigued, sleeplessness, and headaches. I don't know if fund pain is Always associated w/ Endo, but it could be possible depending on where on earth the endo implants are located. I use Cura Heat pad when I am at work (they work like a heat pad w/out the cord) and when I am at home I enjoy a heating wipe in the living room by the couch and one in my room by my bed. Heat really help relieve some of the cramps.

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you can get stabbing pains during sex, or subjective pains throughout your back, hips, or tummy..but you don't always own back aching....

I'm on accutane and i had unprotected sex but my parther pulled out so does this parsimonious i'm safe?

Yes you will enjoy back aching. Stabbing back pains, and the pain would be during the first couple of days in the past your period. Not during.

Okay if yur gonna capture a shot how long does it usually take caz i am really scaredbooster shot?

Depends on the party. Some people hold no pain. I hold stabbing pain an several places surrounded by my abdominal area, during the first couple days of my length and sometime two weeks before. I haven't be officially diagnosed, but I most promising have it.

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I get horrible pains similar to labor contractions. Sometimes it even hurts to urinate. There's medication to appropriate to stop most of the symptoms. (Lupron)

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