I am 25 and had a hysterectomy plus removal of both ovaries nearly 2 years ago due to severe endometriosis. Unfortunately the hrt have flared up the endometriosis and it is back to human being severe. After trying all the hormone treatments my consultant have suggested radiotherapy and chemotherapy to kill it sour. This is a radical treatment and be wondering if anyone else had be through it? The endometriosis is rotting all my organs so I am bullish to have it. xx

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First of all, if you hold any DOUBT about the recommended treatment, draw from a second or even third opinion.
I am 28 yo, my endo symptoms first appeared at 12 y. At one time I be the leader of an endo support group.. I knowledgeable myself on endo because my doctors could/would not.
What do you mean that the endo is rotting your organs? I hold never heard of that. Of course endo can entrench anywhere in your body, and definately on organs..
The best treatment for endo is removal by a skilled endo dr. The implant must be removed by excision, not by burning or freezing the implants.. If the implant are frozen or burned off, the dr can not see if he/she removed the complete depth of the endo. I see another response that give a list of sites to check out. Dr. Redwine is one of the prime endo specialists and I have hear Great things of Dr. Cook. Please educate yourself on endo and don't of late take your doctor's word for it. If you own any questions or want to bargain, I will be more than happy to present you my email. Take Care hon.

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Get a second opinon to variety sure the hysterectomy was complete. My mother contained by law have endo flare up and discovered that they did not remove part of an ovary. Everything, even small amounts of ovarian tissue, must be removed.

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I have mine at 30 for the same item. I thought once you had a complete hysterectomy that it be supposed to take caution of it. I have never hear of any one any more problems once this was done. I estimate you need to jump to another Dr. to make sure this is what it is. My Dr. said that this would completly solve the problem. It have 19 years since I had it done. Mine be a sever case. My sisters be too. her's has be 21 yrs.

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I just found out I may enjoy endometriosis, and have read fairly a bit on it. Everything I have read say that a hysterectomy does not cure endo, because the endometriosis can be all over the abdominal cavity.

The solely way to truly remove endometriosis is laproscopic surgery. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy is for cancer! Endometriosis is not cancer! I really infer you should get a second belief. I'm very sorry that they give you a hysterectomy at such a young age.

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Endometriosis persist after hysterectomy because hysterectomy removes organs, not necessarily disease. Any implants vanished behind within the abdomen will verbs to thrive in their own self-sustaining natural life cycle (it matters not if the ovaries are removed), because the implant themselves produce an oestrogen-synthesizing enzyme called Aromatase.
I incorporate some links which contain details






The key to successful treatment of Endometriosis lies contained by true excision, which the surgical dissection and meticulous removal of all disease - from adjectives locations, including bowel, bladder, etc., which many surgeons are reluctant to treat and simply set off behind. True specialists, however, such as those below, are competent to intervene laparoscopically and thoroughly eradicate all disease:




Without surgery, there is no method of truly diagnosing whether or not Endometriosis is still present. However, it sounds as though it may well be. You know your body best and know the symptoms you own suffered from previously; if you and your doctor suspect Endometriosis, you are probably correct.You would be advised to consider seeing one of the above specialist centre or at the very least possible, getting a second opinion from any of them by going through their documentation review process before undertaking any of the option that you mention. Endometriosis recurs after hysterectomy contained by women who did not have the disease excised contained by more than 40% of cases within 5 yrs. [Accreditation HealthCare Commission stats].
Hope this helps
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I found out 6 years ago this July that I enjoy Endo. I have done every type of tablets you can imagine to try and bring back it under control. My doctors hold brought up doing a hysterectomy, but I have all the same to agree to them doing it. The last time my doc and I talk I was told near was a 50 50 casual of the pain returning and the drive for that is if they don't seize all of the Endo implant out during surgery, they will continue to produce the pain. And for me those likelihood aren't very honourable. I would see a 2nd or even 3rd doctor before you agree to Chemo or radiation. I hold never heard of those two man used to treat Endo.

Good Luck

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so sorry to hear this, ive get PID so i understand how you grain...i would go and find a second opinion cos i found the first dr i spoke to didnt even own a clue what was wrong beside me for a start. a decent dr will know exactly what can be done now to facilitate you, which i hope they can. good luck

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