Feeling fatigue, uneasyiness, body temp, every evening for long-gone 7 days?

I am 28 yr old sound & m not suffering from any disease.I dont drink or smoke.
For the past 2 weeks every evening I am fear very mortified,sick,fatigue, slight body temperature,uneasyness.

This happen only during the evenings n what cud be the impose?

Help! Could these possibly be symptoms of something?

2 me, i think these types of feelins r due 2 stress or mayb ur thinkin sumthin bleak is gonna happen 2 u. i wouldnt wry bout, but if u still consistency the same route u should consider goin to a doctor.

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I don't I would just run get checked out!

Health foodsanorexiabulemia..serve.?

im not sure but if you have be bitten by a tick:
this could be limedisease but because you cant be completely sure go to your doctor and they will probably be capable of tell you what is going on

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My assessment is that it is nothing, simply eat right, achieve enough sleep every hours of darkness. however those symptoms are so vague that it really could be anything. If you are really self-conscious see a doctor

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