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I found out 6 years ago this July that I have Endo. Since afterwards I have done everything you can interpret. I have done, Birth control pills, patch, Depo shots, Lupron shots, surgries, Danazol and now I am on Femara. I am also on a high-ranking dose of pain medication to minister to relieve the pain I hold w/ the cramps. I also have a heat pad surrounded by my room and even next to the couch within the living room. When I am at work I use Cura Heat pads. They work close to heating pad w/out the cords and last up to 8 hours. I own also found some groups on Yahoo groups that have help me more then I could ever believe. It's a great support area and I never know that so many women suffered from this sickness. I mean I hear, but being competent to talk to others who are going through equal things have help me so much. I also drive my doctor insane because every appt. I go to I hold more websites to give him, or more info that I enjoy found to ask questions roughly.

You could also check these websites: endometriosis.org, or endometriosisassn.org

They are great websites that I think are the most up to date.

Good Luck

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There are heaps things to help do admin the pain. There are medication and surgery which are not always the best choices, but within are alternatives. A change surrounded by diet, eating improved and trying to eliminate dairy, red meat, caffine, and sugar will backing. Exercize, though not always an substitute, can help aswell. You can also try things such as rub therapy and accupuncture. There are books on endometriosis that may relief you. I would recomend the endometriosis source book. It has help me a great deal to think through the disease and what it is doing to my body.

Is bad if i own huge clots in my spell?

Sorry to hear that you are having cramp. I have have endometriosis twice. They have also put me thru menopause for 3 months to prevent it from coming support. It was no picnic.

the solitary advice i own is take ibproufen...hold a heating wad near by. Also my doctor told me that walikng is supposed to give support to.

Whats a good diet?

I've suffered through it for years and the ONLY item I've found to help is taking Aleve (and Aleve really is the solitary pain med I've found that help, there's something almost it) the SECOND my cramps start and continue to transport it through the first couple days of my period. If you permit the pain carry bad it's impossible to seize them to go away. Keep some Aleve on foot when you know it's about time for you to start and bring it at the VERY first signs that you're getting cramps. Good luck and God bless sweetie!

When should i get my period?

Ask your doctor give or take a few laser surgery to get rid of it. Until afterwards, pain relievers such as Advil, or Tylenol should security the pain.


My OBGYN put me on (generic) sesonale to minister to with my endometriosis so I lone have my length once every three months. I love it! I used to be so depressed about my term and hated it so much contained by high academy that I used to want a hysterectomy just so I wouldn't enjoy the cramps anymore. I still do get cramps, though not as doomed to failure, but I take Aleve for them and it works. So I recommend seasonale or another birth control pill where on earth you skip the placebo pills. My pharmacists actually said if you are on birth control pills that in that is no point in having your length as you are not ovulating so skipping is fine for your body.

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