I have hear that masturbation done by female can affect her conceiving probability!?

is it true? can u all assistance me with the facts in the region of masturbation done by female? can it affect my conceiving probability? we r trying for baby & y'time night we have sex & this is my ovulation time & today i did masturbation by rubbing upper portion.is it normal & fine? is at hand anythin to worry? should i stop doing it till we win success surrounded by conceiving?pls help

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If anything I consider it would help. Get everything lubricated.

Masturbation will never hurt anything.
Good luck TTC.

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Masturbation will do completely nothing to hurt your likelihood of conceiving.

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i do not believe there is any correlation to masturbation and conception. if you did it to get hold of aroused and lubricated , then how could it be a desperate thing?

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No it won't hurt. The fragment that you need to hold in charge for conception is your eggs and since masturbation has nil to do with that for a women your surrounded by the clear. Your husband/boyfriend however needs to reclaim it for when you guys have sex.

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Masturbation should not affect your chance of conceiving. There is zilch to worry in the region of.

For more information on what you can do to improve your likelihood to get pregnant, see the knit below. Good luck.

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Forget it sweetie, it has nothng to do next to your chance of getting pregnant. SB

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Masturbation have NOTHING to do with conception within the female. I don't know where on earth you heard it be, but it's TOTALLY WRONG. If anything, if 'masturbation' turns you 'on' and you have 'sex' next to a man who has an orgasm, you should find 'conception' easier because you'll be 'slippery' down at hand a bit more ... those 'little swimmers' need adjectives the help they can bring in reaching your 'egg' ...

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Well you hear wrong.

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There is certainly no clinical evidence that masturbation and/or female orgasm will increase likelihood of conception. It all have to do with timing. Your partner's sperm MUST be in the fallopian tube when your ovum (egg) is at hand in charge to ensure conception.

If you want to masturbate however, feel free. There's no sense making the deed of trying to conceive a JOB, rather than something pleasurable. No injure will come to you.

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It healthy to do it as much as you want to. The manly should be giving you all the orgasms you want though.
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You heard wrong. Best of luck conceiving.

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