The HPV shots i need your backing!?

ever since i got my first HPV shot i enjoy had odor down below no itching newly odor i got a blood interview and got tested for everything and im clear. the odor go away then i get it again a little after my second shot and it hasent gone away its be there for roughly speaking a month...i hate it and it make me feel drastically self concious i wont even have sex near my b/f i was thinking be did this come from if i have no STDs...could this be a side effect of the HPV inoculation? I get my closing one in June.

Very Strange Cravings?

This is usuly conventional. They have those strange whippys that clean down nearby.They are wonderful. I wouldn't think that itis a side effect...But I am not sure. I would be sure to use every womanly clensing product that you can get.And if you still hold it I would go to the Dr. or Clinic and speak about them about it. It could be something as simple as a Yeast infection.Sometimes near yeast infections all near is is the smell.If it gets worse afterwards there is the itcing and burning.Hope this help

I'm leaking something from my nipplebut i'm NOT pregnanat! HELP.?

Any odor have to do directly with your hormones if it is not related to an STD. Since that shot is .capably what it is, it could be your hormones reacting next to the shot.

Cant stop discharging..?

maybe it wasn't a HPV shot.. maybe it was vodka, the doctor was probably drunk.

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