If you've ever had cervical cancer, what be your symptoms?


Should I ..?

I didn't have cervical cancer, but my mother did. She have NO symptoms. It was lone found having a pap smear. That's what is so worrisome about it. If you enjoy any doubts whether or not you have this, be in motion get checked right away.

The contraceptive pill?

My mother surrounded by law have cc. Pain, weakness, blood & incontinence.

Ovaries hurt?

I've never have cervical cancer but I had some unpromising cells on my cervix that could enjoy lead to cervical cancer. I have them frozen off and I havent have any problems since. I didn't have any symptoms. The cell were found during a routine papsmear. If I hadn't gone in for the papsmear I probably would enjoy found out I had cervical cancer when it be way too unpaid to do something about it.

My term is going on for almost 2 weeks now.?

I do not know for sure but progress immediately and enjoy painless PAP test.
Irregular period may be a sign something is wrong.
Sometimes other simple things may be going on that a Dr. can subscribe something for.

I went for STD checkup yesterday and hold been sense cramps since.?

take the pap smear test

Bilat breast biopsy?

i enjoy had it and really i have no symtoms but other people that i talk to that had it bring like little wart on the outside of the vagina , get your pap experiment right away if you have that symtom.

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