I'm soooo tired! Please lend a hand...?

Ok, so I got my interval today and I'm at work. Right now I surface as though i'm not going to make it another 3 hours. I acquire out of here at one and it's only 10:15pm as of right presently. I'n 23 years old, and my body feel like it's 50. I'm so tired, and my blood pressure is 140/80...i'm a nurse, so I know this is slightly big, esp. for my age. Sorry everyone, i just thought i'd tolerate it all out...I freshly wanna go home and cart a bath and snuggle up surrounded by bed...

My gyno is scaring we WHY?

I'm 21 and I'm so tired adjectives the time. I live on coffee and I don't think that's pious. I took a thyroid test back and it turned out I had hyperthyroidism. I be told maybe it's due to giving birth, I be told to take another exam after a while but I never did. I still feel tired so I'm thinking of checking it again. It's probably you're thyroid if you sleep very well and still tired throughout the day.

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Go home!! You sound tired. And if you are a nurse it is best to be rested.

You have time to go to womenanswers.orgs while at work?

Nuva ring?

are you iron not up to scratch or anemic?

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go to sleep stupid if your so tired

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