Endometriosis and Lupron?

I have SEVERE endometriosis. In December of 2006 I have an exploratory laparoscopy because I have endometriosis, I have an ovarian cyst, and I had a huge fibrous tumor. Following surgery the doctor explained in recent times how extreme the endometriosis was. Because my endo be so bad, my doctor HIGHLY recommend Lupron, however I have merely read such negative side affects and I'm afraid. I own been on continous birth control since the surgery so that I don't enjoy a period. I don't hold to explain the pain because you already know if you enjoy endo.

I've made an appointment with my doctor to own my first injection May 19th, but I've had that same appointment twice and I've cancelled them because I don't know if I'm prepared. I'm so thankful I found womenanswers.orgs because I can hear from women who hold experience.

I want to hear from the women who have individually tried Lupron and I want to know what you think. Thanks contained by advance.

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Get a second assessment from one of the specialty excision centers that treat only Endo. There is a apology they don't use GnRH agonists and other suppressive meds; the key to relieving symptoms long possession is the meticulous removal of all disease from adjectives locations (not superficial laser vaporization, etc. or drug therapy).

See http://www.centerforendo.com, http://www.endometriosissurgeo... http://www.drcook.com, http://www.endoexcision.com for some information and additional resources.

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I own used Lupron 3 different times, and I can tell you that I have worst side effects w/ the Depo shot than I ever had w/ Lupron. When I first started the Lupron I feel a little unsettled but after a couple of days I was fine w/ it. I can also explain to you that when my doctor first wanted to put me on it I wasn't sure if I considered necessary to because I had read adjectives the info on Lupron and it didn't seem fitting. I am happy that I used the Lupron because it did work for me.

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