How long am I suffering after breast implants?

I hold a one year old daughter. We are considering have another child but not for 3 or 4 years. I want breast implants but I am worried just about how long I will be in distress for. How long am I "out of it" ( in dull pain ) after the surgery?

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The twinge varies, according to the type of procedure, characteristic of the surgeon, and your own personal pain threshold stratum. When I had my breast augmentation 2 yrs ago, I be not in as much spasm as I thought I'd be. That's because I was requried to procure prescriptions for painkillers including Vicodin, Valium, Zofran, and antibiotics. I think adjectives doctors give you prescriptions for these. I didn't consistency pain; more approaching exhaustion and fatigue, and a stout feeling similar to a "headhache" over my chest.

The first light of day of surgery, I felt tired and groggy more than anything else. I slept for most of that morning. It hurt a bit(like a bad muscle sprain in my upper arms and shoulders) to move my arms, so I layed down for adjectives of that day and have my at-time boyfriend feed me tomato soup through a straw. I be able to catch out of bed and walk to the bathroom okay, I merely had to use my stomach and backbone muscles to propel me from laying-down to sitting-up position(similar to crunches). Overall it wasn't painful, more only just an annoying achiness, kinda like the channel your head feel when you are ill beside the flu.

A day latter, I was competent to move around a little more but I didn't push myself. If it hurts or strains, after don't do it! Your body is trying to heal from the surgery.

A few days next, I was stern to most normal comings and goings. I felt an painful muscle pain contained by my chest, but no biggie. On the 5th day, I go to my post-surgery doctor's visit beside my surgeon and also went shopping. Constantly trying on shirts and lifting shirts over my come first eventually made my upper arm and shoulder muscles kinda sore and achy, but not nearly enough to telephone call it "pain."

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In pain for almost 3 days, after than just achy. But everyone is different. No lifting for a few weeks so that could be an issue if you own to lift your daughter abundantly.


The first three days you are in affliction after that you feel more hurt smaller number but it is still noticeable and you are competent to do more active things.

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