Hysterectomy & Menopause?

I am almost 45. I had an ectopic pregnancy contained by 1991, which was a horrible and itchy (life threatening event) Then my periods be very immense and painful. In 2001 I settled, without any sort of information (stupid, stupid me) to get hold of a total hysterectomy. Now I have no sex drive, enjoy problems orgasming, and my body has entirely changed. And the hot flashes! They're horrible and I solitary get them within the daytime. People think I merely got out of the shower! If I verbs too much about sweating, I sweat more. I am not on estrogen(it made me sick to my stomach) Has anyone else experienced this, and what can I do almost my sex life? Thanks

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Oh hun ! I'm so sorry! I'm 50 as of second Tuesday!! I had a total hysterectomy when I be 21. I only have hot flashes when I took my hormones and only have a sex drive when I did. Very few guys get turned on by sweat, huh. okay first dance get some warm K.Y. jelly, to replace the moisture you lose. My gyno gave me a vibrator and said it's adjectives still there except the incubator, find it! I didn't get the drift when she first said that, but eventually I turned off adjectives the lights, locked all the doors, took the phone bad the hook, etc. I'll drop the gory details but it worked. You enjoy to learn to be unadulterated honest with yourself and your partner. Thank God I have a great partner. He was a friend that set and listen for hours.Then for the next 2 years he help me prove to myself that I was still a desirable woman. You know how to take in touch near me if you want to talk further. pious luck, and holler if you need to!!

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to enjoy sex you want to feel polite about your self.try to clear your herald of bad thoughts.you are still adjectives woman.go to your doctor he or she will back

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Sorry to listen to your armour. Please visit a qualified gnaecologist. It would lend a hand you in the long run. Do not depend on suggestion by people/friends. :)
Your case can be definately be cured. Dont verbs be happy.

Why does this happend?

Yes and Yes. When you own a hysterectomy your body goes into a defense mode. It is resembling menapause to your body because the ovaries no longer produce needed harmones. I had a hysterectomy within Dec 2006, and I have be on harmone therapy since. In the birth I too had sweats, shakes, irration as surrounded by "biotching alot" and driving hubby crazy. My doctor and I discussed harmones and after 2 trials I found the one that is right for me. I whip Enjuvia and it works. Since they removed everyhting, the uterus,ovaries,tubes, cervix, fundus all. I own no worry of the cervical cancer or uterin cancer some harmones can bring. Please talk to your doctor. There are herbal supplements available too for this problem you are have. Good luck and best wishes on a speedy recovery.

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Today's likelihood for HRT for women who had total hysterectomy are lavish. There are hormones that use testosterone and there is plenty of evidence that a woman who have had her uterus and her ovaries removed—and gone through the surgical menopause that follows—will see a steep decline in testosterone production. Since the ovaries produce testosterone, level plummet after the surgery. Some studies do show that, in these circumstances, testosterone supplements serve improve sex drive and may alleviate some menopausal symptoms.

I can't report you the generic names of the HRT that have testosterone in it, but I am sure your gynecologist can and I suggest you try it. Some women have great experience with this combination and their sex drive resumed to anything it was or should be :)

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Try the hormone patches! They work great for relieving adjectives those systems.

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