A pimple close to thing on breast, brown pus come out?

Hi, about a year stern I'd noticed a pimple approaching thing on my breast, somewhere on the border of the nipple nouns. When I squeezed it, a dark brown pus close to thing come out and it was fairly solid, because it sort of curled as it came out, similar to thick creme. And also, it didn't hurt at adjectives. Anybody has any thought what this could be? I recently hear a friend's mom having a pimply entity on her breast a year before mortal diagnosed with breast cancer. So I'm a moment or two worried. Anybody has any clue in the region of this?

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This could be a number of copious different things, but please, I urge you to see the Doctor as SOON as you can. Perhaps it's a blocked pore or a harmless cyst, but it is something you really must take looked into. Breast cancer can cause irregularities on the breast which manifest contained by rashes, swelling, lumps etc so it's big you get this checked. Be positive - it is probably something safe but you cannot take the risk of not knowing. Get to the Doc's and attain yourself checked out and you'll be able to stop worrying almost it. :)

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u could just hold a cycst on ur breast.
but go to the doc hun

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Likely it isn't anything but a pimple, but if you are worried get a check up.

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