I'm serious why do I preserve laughing?

Why do I keep laughing?
I keep hold of laughing and laughing for the past few weeks likeI look at the doorknob and I predict it saying "Hi" or something and its sooo funny and everything is only just so funny I started laughing so hard I couldn't even stretch out my eyes Istarted crying lol.

This last week=non stop laughing. after sudden bursts of crying for like 5 minutues, afterwards 23 hours 55 minutes of laughing.

How young is too immature?

Your hormones have gone uncultivated! I was resembling that when I was pregnant next to my daughter, anything set my laughing spree off. I don't reckon you have anything to verbs about, but if you infer you do, get checked.

What does a condom look approaching?

my question to you is...what drugs are you on? that might solve your problem

Heavy Bleeding!?

you might be turning into a sico ya'll . possibly something happen to you when ya'll be a kid and thats why ya think a door knob so dam funny

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