How did you feel when you have Fibroids?

My mother is suffering from fibroids and has just now suffered from severe pain - have anyone else had like experience?
she also suffers from bleeding - would be good to hear your view.

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35 when I have hysterectomy due to fibroids. I'm 50 now. I'd be suffering for many years - embarrassingly hard to digest periods, clots, agony so severe I was close to endorsement out, couldn't go out for at tiniest 3 days until things started to ease, couldn't drive, so so tired and anaemic. Life be miserable. Huge fibroid that caused me problems during surgery, and took pretty some time to recover. However, it be the best days work I've ever done and I dont regret it one bit - life changed for the better. Hope your mum get an appointment soon.

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I feel bloated and very mortified and if she is experiencing pain, she requirements to have that checked out by her gynecologist ASAP ~ something is wrong inside big time. Once my fibroids started growing, they grew briskly and I went from an 8 lb tumor to 15 lbs inside 3 months before I have my hysterectomy. I would suggest if they want to do a hysterectomy that she request they leave one or both ovaries contained by if at all possible so she will verbs to get the unprocessed estrogen rather than start taking the hormones. I sure decision I had !

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I have many fibroids surrounded by my uterus but I never felt any aching. That was strange and that's because I didn't dance to my doctor. Only problem I had be heavy bleeding during my time. It caused severe anemia and solitary then I go to my doctor. Then doctor found that my fibroid were as big as 16 weeks pregnancy.

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