Menopause...eek at 36! What should I expect:? How long stable? How do I get rid of the excess weightiness? EEK!


What can you do to make your breast firm? Besides, plastic surgery!!?

It's no fun is it? I have surgical menopause shoved on me when I had to own a total hysterectomy. If your having hot flashes, excessive substance gain and the rest of the symptoms seek your docs proposal from what I was told this could later a very long time, everyone is different but it usually last until we woman reach the call a halt of our mid ages. Fortunately for me I have have very few symptoms solidity gain is one and getting it off have been intensely very difficult. I take a hot flash maybe one every two or three months but my mother contained by law get them several times a day. Your doc should be capable of tell you what to expect or your mom if she's gone through rash menopause. Good luck.


My mother went on menopause at 37 and so did my grandmother and adjectives her sisters. I can almost guarantee that I will be the same age as capably when it's my time. From what I have see with my mother, you will hold a lot of hot flashes going on adjectives of the time. She's always breaking out in a sweat out of nowhere. One minute she can be hot, and the subsequent she can be cold. Your mood can change as resourcefully. A lot of women in menopause lose their sex drive and it get dry down there more habitually. If you get on medication from your doctor after mostly all of the symptoms associated next to menopause can be helped. My mother used to be on medication but looked-for to go the untaught way so she's putting herself through he ringer. As far as weightiness is concerned just work out. Walking is really honourable to do everyday, and drinking lots of water too. If I be you I would let my doctor put me on medication to assist with the symptoms that progress along with menopause that passageway you can find some relief.

I am bleeding out my vagina should i be worried?

Have you have this confirmed by you gyn or another doctor. A blood test can determine
whether this is so. Thirty six is a bit premature, although it does develop. Everyone goes through their own point. For some it lasts for several years. Weight gain tend to be part but intake healthy and exercising will give support to. Again confirm this with a doctor who will communicate you what supplements to take for you as an individual.

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