I had a tubal ligation within Dec of 2006, can this?

cause me to be thrown into menopause early? I know that have a hysterectomy can, how ever, my menstral cycle used to be like clock work, and now--I am going 6-8 weeks short a cycle. I know that I am not pregnant, I am just curious if have the surgery had/has an effect on my monthly cycle--which is now a month and a partially cycle.

Only Serious Answers Please?

I am not sure if the surgery would cause untimely menopause but it is possible that you are experiencing pre-menopause symptoms. I had my tubes tied and own abnormally calorific periods when I hold one at all. I skip a month or 2 here adjectives the time as well. I be told it was pre-menopause.

Here is an excellent website that I found that list many of the side effects of a tubal ligation that most Drs(including mine) founder to mention.

Talk to your Dr. about the issues you are have. It could be that your body just hasn't recovered hormonally from the birth of your newborn.

Hope that helps.

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I'm pretty sure the experts will say that it shouldn't affect your cycle. But, speaking as another woman who's have a tubal, it definitely does seem to be to affect the cycle.

I thought it was due to the pregnancy throwing me bad, but after reading your question, I wonder.

Were you pregnant a moment ago prior to your tubal too?

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There is no medical reason for your cycle to be thrown rotten, other than the verbs you may be causing yourself roughly speaking it. All that has happen is that the fallopian tube has be blocked stopping your eggs from traveling there to be fertilized. There have been zilch done to change your hormones which are what controls your menstrual cycle

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Were you on birth control before your tubal? I also have a tubal in December and my period went from table lamp (2-3 days) to very thickset (6-7 days) and not quite as regular. I asked my mom who is a Ob/Gyn nurse and she said that birth control regulates your extent and once you go past its sell-by date of it your body has to adjust itself. This cause longer, heavier, less predictable period.

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