Does anyone know what will happen if you hold fibroids?

i have be for an ultrasound today and they told me i have a five cm fibroid at the front of my womb. i be sent for the scan because of heavy period. i also have problems beside my bladder, needing to run very frequently and sometimes not be able to hold it,,,, the being who performed the scan say the fibroid is real close to my bladder so as a result it pressing on my bladder making me need to move about to the toilet all the time,,,, does anyone know is a five cm fibroid classed as be large and what happen to fibroids that are causing big periods and bladder probs,,,, i don,t budge back to see gyno doc while slowly june ,,,

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I had hysterectomy 15 years ago, at age 35, for same problem. Fibroid size of a grapefruit, I be told. Painful periods, unwieldy bleeding and blood clots, dreadfully tired and drained and anaemic, adjectives affecting my way of existence. Put up with it for years until I consulted a womanly gp who had some sympathy. The fibroid will press on your bladder and take home you want to wee, and often make sex very aching. If you've finished having children, gain rid of the problem with a hysterectomy first, you'll never look back. Life minus periods - glory!

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My mum have fibroids years ago and had to enjoy them removed as well as have a hysterectomy. She later have to have her bladder tightened as it have become loose because of the hysterectomy.

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I enjoy 2 large firboids, 1 is 5cm the other almost 7. My obgyn said as long as they are not causing any problems and not growing to swiftly leave them alone. You don't read aloud how old you are or if you own any children, fibroids can make it harder to draw from pregnant. There are procedures to remove them, the last resort is a hysterectomy. Most fibroids rationale cramping and heavy clotty period (not nice I know)
Good luck please give me a rapid email if you have question I've been dealing near this for about 10 years.

Another little tidbit, most fibroids will shrink fairly a bit after you hit menopause when your levels of estrogen drop.

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these fibroids will probably be disappeared where they are at the moment..i know this is prob not what u want to hear but most doctors will try other methods formerly removal is considered such as drug therapy etc..i one remember a long-suffering with a fibroid the size of a 9mth foetus!

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