I necessitate serious help, so please back! :-(?

Ok, so I have not have sex since last tuesday. My spell is expected to come on da 2nd or 3rd of May (i am regular). My boyfriend and I had sex final night (doggy-style) and adjectives of a sudden I started bleeding (like my menstrual). I am still bleeding lightly (and brightly) right presently. I am 100% sure it is not my period though because my extent symptoms/signs are also regular and i get those everytime past i get my interval. But I have not gotten those symptoms on the other hand. What can this be? Am I pregnant? SOMEBODY help me!
*I enjoy not been a virgin since October 2003
*I am NOT on Birth Control (and hold never used any type other than Condoms)

My friend?

Even if you be wet, your b/f could still cause
your vaginal walls some sort of a trauma that cause the bleeding. You do not describe the bleeding as being red or brown. I assume its red and this shows of some sort of injury. Try not have sex for a few days, let the vagina rest and see if the bleeding stops. If it does not, you might consider going for a check up to your gynecologist.

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it really could just be your time or it could be something else.

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