Is there any hope for baggy breasts after breastfeeding 2 kids?

I used to be a DD cup and now i'm down to a C and surgery is not an prospect. I know other women have have this problem. Is there something i can do or will i enjoy to live with this forever?
Boys, please don't answer unless you're an expert contained by this area.

Could my bowel problems be related to a vaginal lump?

I own to agree with the girls.

On the other appendage, a beautiful woman I used to work next to switched to being a stay-at-home-mom after her 4th kid.

Now, beside every kid she got for a time bigger around the middle, sagged a bit more, and gee, get more beautiful. I phone call it the Mommy Look.

Have any women here used shelf pessaries for uterine prolapse, and if so, what was your experience?

I watch a reality show the other light of day about a woman who have twins then sextuplets. She asked a plastic surgeon something like her breasts and he said that she need to bring a good bra sized by a professional. I don't know if she breastfed though.

Kinda unusual question?

I know it sucks but be a bra all the time. At darkness you could wear a soft bra or a sports bra,it helps alot.

Are these my just options?

The with the sole purpose thing you can do if you don't want surgery is wear a honest supportive bra.

If you do end up wearing one at dark make sure it is loose ample to not constrict you.

Helppp!? I dont know what it is!?!?!? :(?

Try to use cream.

Is it true birth control pills make you more moody and want to own sex less recurrently?

I know everyones body is different, BUT I breastfed both my children and yes I have stretchmarks on my breasts, but they certainly only hold sagged a bit BUT I contribute this to the reality that I wear a bra 24/7 except when I'm in the shower. Try getting a professionally sized bra that fits impeccably and wear it all or most of the time :)

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