Breastfeeding problems?

i was drugged because i have hypertension when i gave birth to my babe, so instead of me having to breastfeed resembling i planned they put him on infamil. he wont breastfeed. its been 6 wks in a minute and i am not lactating at all, and i be wondering does it stop lactating if the baby isnt taking it or how does that work? because i find myself have to sqeeze really hard to procure my breast flowing when he's hungry but i cant get it to kind him full either? i drink lots of hose but whats going on?

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yes this is a supply and demand issue.if the breasts are not self stimulated then at hand is no need for them to produce milk

EVERYTIME you nurture him attemp to put him to the breast.before he get fussy from being hungry try to seize him to latch on..if he won't then you requirement to pump.EVERYTIME you feed him from a bottle you necessitate to pump.your breasts will very in the blink of an eye receive the signal they need to start producing

if he does latch but you know you are not making much right now cuz you are weaning him bad the formula then nurture him every hour, every half hour.i know that seem crazy but do what is takes to grasp your milk flowing and before long you will own a full milk supply and then you can drop to feed him every 2-3 hours

please visit your local la leche league or lactation consultant for hand on help!!

suitable luck and PLEASE don't give up on this.your body be made to do this honey and you can do this

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try massaging your boobs several times a hours of daylight ...atleast for 5 min before feed...if it isnt enough for him supplement it next to formula

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Your with the sole purpose chance after 6 weeks is letting him nurse...and feed him formula, the sucking from your baby may possibly catch it going again..good luck!

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The babe-in-arms needs to latch on , so you can produce more.

You can also ring the lactation specialist at the clinic where you have your baby. They hold special breast pumps that you can rent ( you only rent the pump, not the bottles and attachments) They work 10 times better than your own , and it will facilitate you to get some of the milk final .

Also , Try giving the baby singular 1/2 of the amount of formula that he would normally drink until that time bed time. Once the baby is asleep ( and still hungry ) try to breastfeed. The toddler will not realize it and will start feeding. Do this a couple of night on a row to get your body to produce more.

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In order to produce milk - your nipples own to receive stimulation and baby is the best to do this for you. Unfortunately - once a kid gets a penchant for formula - it's thick and sweet and rich - they will not want to switch. See a lactation specialist and call upon your local la leche league for help on what to do. There is a device you can use to relief baby nurse and wean him posterior to the breast - it pumps a little formula into babe-in-arms while he sucks from the breast to make sure he's getting satisfactory nutrition. Once he's been trying recurrently enough to establish your milk supply and receive him used to it - you can switch him over. If baby doesn't nurture or doesn't feed regularly enough - you can dry out - if that have happened - it's similar to starting from square one - talk to la leche league roughly speaking fennugeek - it really helps establish your milk supply. My first babe-in-arms - those nurses gave him formula because they established over my wishes to do that so I could rest my first couple of nights and I tried EVERYTHING and simply couldn't get it going - after I got gallbladder disease and after that the milk totally dried up because I have to stop feeding her for awhile and couldn't hold on to up on using a pump at the hospital. Oh, and a hospital grade pump will also comfort get the milk out and establish your supply if specifically needed. See baby get nipple confusion because they use different muscles to get milk from mommy versus a bottle. This is not going to be trouble-free but can be done!

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Its a use it or lose it problem Get a breast pump and use it after he takes the bottle. Your hormones will be most stirring after you have be holding him. Next feeding put some milk on your finger so he get the taste. Smear some on your nipple so that he know where that fancy will come from.
Get the Playtex feeding system (more similar to the breast shape) The baby is inefficient and doesn't want to work at the breast.
You can call your local Nursing staff at the hospital and they will help out you with getting a Lactating Nurse.

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