Anyone else been dianoged next to HPV?

Found out that I have HPV second FEB of 06 but didnt have the brass to go wager on for a follow up since then is this a tangible danger to me

I own an irritating rash contained by the genital area and it have recenty become very desperate where I can't sit still?

Yes it is a huge jeopardy because the longer you wait to find treatment the better chances you own of developing cervical cancer. Cervical cancer cells will verbs to grow and without proper treatment will definetly do more impair than good. It will not turn away even sometimes with treatment. I go throught treatment it was agonizing but I enjoy been fine and hold been okay every pap smear I hold taken afterwards. Pleease go final to see your doctor or whatever medical assistance you own available to you. I repeat it will not go away short proper treatment.

Ok, i sweat a lot does anyone hold andy tips for me because it literally "SUCKS"?

HPV can turn into cervical cancer, and it has different stages. You inevitability to see a doctor. HPV effects 33%-50% of the sexually active population. It CAN be outstandingly dangerous, or not. It depends on the soul, and you need to find out from your doctor what to do. Get insurance.

I'm getting tired of this Question anyone else?

I hold HPV, got it two years ago, usually your body have the low grade mild cell, which your suppose to be able to come to blows off in three years, if it was more sever i deem they would have really considered necessary you to come back and be pushing the issue, i now lift a womens vitamin and just hold to wait for my body to confrontation it off, i can not grounds a real exposure unless you have illustrious strains of cells and the greater level of hpv,

What is feminine circumcision?

After you tested positive for the virus did the doctor recommend a re-pap a few months down the road? Did he want to do a colopscopy?

Having a high risk HPV type doesn't be a sign of that you will develop complications of the virus. Many people hold the virus and their body builds a natural imperviousness to virus however in some women treatments are needed to remove the impressive cells that the virus creates.

It is key to keep a avid eye in women who own the virus.

I am sorry your doctor didn't seem to strictness...not having insurance can be alarming when we are diagnosed with something similar to HPV.

Please look into these programs:
National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program
CDC provides low-income, uninsured, and underserved women access to timely, high-quality screening and diagnostic services, to detect breast and cervical cancer at the earliest stages, through the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP).
Challenge to Eliminate Cervical Cancer

I own high risk HPV of the vaginal cuff and the vulva. I own dealt near some substantial problems due to the virus.

I wish you all right.

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