Fatigue, prego?

i've asked a question previously about this, & i enjoy yet to progress to the drs. ok, ive had signs of implantation, and other signs of pregnancy (nauseated, slightly hightened smell, breast tenderness&swollen) but i've have my period altho it be 3 days late and oil lamp which is abnormal for me; its other on time or impulsive & heavy beside bad cramping. and lately i find myself unqualified to fall asleep at a clad hour (5-6 A.M.) and then sleep merely a few hours. so i tried taking allergy medicine which worked, i slop asleep now btw 9-11 p.m. but for some function i sleep 10-13 hours. like finishing night, i touch asleep at 10:20p.m. and i woke this morning at 11a.m. & i woke up several times only to be exaausted still so i go back to sleep respectively time. im not sure what to do, i cant really afford a drs. visit altho im going to try. any answers? suggestions?

I wanna start to lose shipment?

You may or may not be pregnant. You should really consider going to the doctor to find out. If you are you may want to make sure that the allergy pills that you are taking is safe for pregnant women. When I be pregnant I was smoothly annoyed and irritated. My nose be wide clear, everything stunk to me and I always required to sleep, but unlike you I didn't have a length. I spotted, but I had also taken a pregnancy examination that confirmed that I was pregnant but the spotting made me reason otherwise.Still, I went to the doctor and she confirmed that I be in reality 7 weeks pregnant. Take a pregnancy test, but still dance to the doctor so that one can be done there. The doctor's experiment are more accurate than the store.

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