Has anyone suffered from extreme fatigue?

I have merely returned to work following surgery chemotherpy and radiotherpy for breast cancer, i have gone spinal column part time , i own been told i hold to be full time within the month i surface so tired and drained i dont know if i can cope but i need the money have anyone else been surrounded by the same situation and how did you cope? thanks

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I have, but it be not from what you had. My liver go bad and I have cancer in a tumor surrounded by it. It took me at least 7 months to perceive better after my transplant. I was lucky because I be retired and did not have to walk back to work.
I presume you should call the Labor Board and ask what the rule is and what are your rights.
Good Luck and grain better soon.

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I started to take adrenal supplements from the robustness food store. That really helped me get hold of my energy put a bet on. You've been through deeply and your body is TIRED! Stick with the B vitamins, magnesium and fish oil too.

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I am so sorry for your situation. Maybe you could find oblige via the following link:
I'm sure it is easier said than done to ask for help but consider asking local churches for assistance also. Another avenue that could be really considerate but very public is to contact local tube news channel. People are generally vastly responsive and generous for others next to genuine obligation.
Best wishes and I hope you are and will always be cancer free. My heart go out to you.

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I had surgery put a bet on in March and I am still tired from it. They told me that putting me to sleep be what made me so tired, but I can not get any verve and I work 9 1/2 hours everyday. I would love to give you warning, but I can't seem to find anything for vitality myself. I need the money too bleak to stay at home also.


Try taking some iron tablets your blood maybe low.

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