HPV: Did he cheat?

My sister is having laser surgery this month to hold precancerous cells removed from her cervix. They freshly told her she had it and that it's from HPV. She's ONLY be with one man ever, her husband and they've be together 12+ years. He had another woman formerly her and claims that she's it but he IS the cheating type and we've wondered for years anyway if he's cheated on her. The question is this: could she enjoy had it adjectives this time from him and it not shown up even though she's had 2 kids.or do you deem it's new ? We're trying to find out because it really make us worry...and we verbs if her kids are at risk of getting it.

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hope this helps my boyfriend &i split,he slept /w some girl ,i dicovered i have HPV,he was my 1rst love,and i be only 14 ,i go to the DR. had them removed ,she told me to own a PAP.every 6 months,because of the HPA.i asked why she told me i could have cervical cancer contained by my early 20s or longer,but she be right i had it after my 2nd child,i be 23,with 1st stage cervical cancer,i have my intire uterus removed,1yr later i have my overies removed,both of them were the size of grapefruits,and webbed down/w endometrious.So i guess it depends on the personage,see your husband is a carrier ,he may not even hold ever had wart ,my boyfriend did,he didnt go to the DR. they go away but he was still a haulier of the virus,we dated 6 yrs got married have kids ,divorced after being together for17yrs ,ikeep within touch /w him ,and after all those yrs. ago he hasnt have any kind of med.problems from the virus,but he married my best friend 1yr after we get divorced 4 yrs later she have a PAP showing abnormal cell,i told her he was a carter of the papaloma virus &he was never treated she have a hystorectomysoon after ,you got my attention /w this ask,becauseof the 12yr time line since my husband be acarrier after the warts ,im thinking mybe your husband is a shipper ao the virus ,i suppose that is adjectives it does to a man or maybe they do enjoy problems later contained by life from it and the medical pen have of late not connected the dotts yet,who know the single men out there are sleeping /w alot of ancestors get a wart dont travel to the DR. THEY GO AWY,and they resume thier lives not aware that they are a carrier of a STD because after the wart leave they assume that they are fine,most men single go to the DR. when they hold the CLAP,because it causes agony ,so ther for they are aware that they canpass it along,HEY! Dont be mad at your hubby he s most likly contracted it from women back you ,i know its been 12 yes but hey my ex- husband give his wife the same entry and she didnt even suspect him not even her DR.,THIS MIGHT BE IMPORTANT,I REMBER MY EX HAVIG A SMALL WART EVERY NOW AND AGAIN so maybe they go and get warts ,a moment ago not.. as bad or noticible,because my ex,i have a fling /w him a few yrs ago ,he has 1small one that never go away ,hey i asked him about it ,but im married again very soon and i havent noticed any entity like a wart on my hubby in a minute &we been together 6 yrs ,we split once for 1 month ,thats when i FLINGED /w my x dont pilfer me as a cheater my hubby did his own thing too.!!sorry i get so caught up contained by your question i guess i told too much ,ive be up all hours of darkness ,im tired and cant even type or spell .good luck i hope you do capably with your surgeryat lowest possible you got your cancer hasty ,i did too!THANK GOD .P.S... LET YOUR SISTER READ THIS her hubby probably didnt know,he could just be the carter. good luck &god bless your friend KATHY A roughly speaking the kids they are fine my 2 girls are22&23 and i got cancer after they be born ,neighter 1 of mine have everhad any problems ,but i believe contained by being on the protected side ,ask you OBGYN.about the risks ,purely to be sure.

Is it ok.?

have her kids tested

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Human Papiloma Virus is a certain and frequent cause of cervical carcinoma and its precursors, but it isn't the merely cause.

Secondly, a cheating husband isn't the with the sole purpose way to grasp HPV.

Which is why getting yearly pap smears for women 30 years weak and above is a good hypothesis.

As for the kids, I don't think they are at risk of getting cervical carcinoma, but if you're really worried, it would be best to hold them tested.

Finally as for the cheating, it is my personal opinion that doesn`t matter what problems they may have as husband and wife should be resolved between them. It's one and only natural that you would want to protect your sister and that you're concerned, but I consider such things should be discussed and resolved by husband and wife.

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HPV is known to 120 type strains but 37 are particular to sexual transmitted disease with illustrious contagion. It would be spreaded through skin to skin contact with infected nouns during sexual intercourse, especially for genital area.

Also the HPV may produce genital warts. Some are noticeable, and some are invisible. But that do not mean within is no HPV
virus in your body.

See more just about how it is spread: http://www.positivesingles.com/blog/mala...

A quick sound out for the ladies?

She could have gotten it the first time she have sex with her husband. I don't know weather the kids would enjoy it or not it would be best to have your sister articulate with her doctor almost that.

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