89 yr old:experiences chronic fatigue,food taste change,increasing belly tubby with smaller amount food intake?


Im 13 and want to lose weight?

I'm sure you would be help greatly by homeopathy. We have see many patients beside similar symptoms who have be helped. Homeopathy can benefit your standard overall wellbeing as okay as any symptoms. You would need to find a local registered homeopath, maybe one who is also registered as a GP. Best of luck.

What can you use to help near stretch marks pre and post natal?

that sounds totally everyday. thats what happens when you gain older

Pregnacy and first exam?

this party should have home comfort or be in a nursing home =sorry ,but sometimes these things enjoy to be done to protect them from themselves

Oh my goodness give support to me please!?

Take him/her to a doctor who specializes in assistance with the elderly.

This personage needs medical precision, not to be put away.

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