How mature was the youngest woman/girl to own cervical cancer?


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You're probably going to own to do a little research if you want to find out the youngest party who was diagnosed next to cervical cancer.

I did find this article online though:
"The risk of cervical cancer goes up near age. However, because of widespread screening near Pap smear in the United States, the risk of cervical cancer stops rising around age 40, after which it remains relatively steady. The average age the disease is found in the United States is 47.

Women who hold sex for the first time at an early age enjoy a higher risk of cervical cancer. Scientists aren't sure why. One purpose may be that the human papillomavirus (HPV) more easily infects a immature woman's cervix. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. Some types of HPV can cause cell in the cervix to become cancerous."

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While you can't see 'exact' age, I enjoy yet to find anyone below 7 in any statistical senate data- the UK's data has no-one below 10.
has a chart for individual ages -age accustomed to the US standard population (broken by race) for the years 1975-2003,
here you can see it broken down in different fashions

to find more information:

If you'd resembling the UK or Australia's statistical data, permit me know. They also have alot of comprehensive cancer information.

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