My grandma is NUTS! She is always MAD! Could this be because of menopause! I live next to her and she is on the Crazy side!

Am I not protected on birth control anymore if I missed the first day Sunday start?

It could be because of menopause but it could in recent times be the way she is ... more info please

Im investigational to this?

smack her

Will a bath craft my period ruin?

it very very well could be

Why Am I Always Bloated?

how old is she?

How do you put in the picture the difference between miscarrage crapms and period cramps?

Irritability and morale of sadness are the most adjectives emotional symptoms of menopause. Often, they can be manage through lifestyle changes, such as study ways to relax and reduce stress.

Why do I see total black after standing up from a sqauting position ?

LMAO!! AHHAHA wow. that's funny. speak to me that really gave me a chuckle. come after you with a phone charger. that's really very funny. yeah you should let her in reality hurt you with the phone charger, consequently call the police for maltreat, then you could blackmail her. haha.

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