Can cervical cancer spread through out your body?

I went to the doc today for a coloscopy! He couldn't do it because he said that my cervix wasn't showing anything after adding up the vinegar solution. Says we will have to do a leep only just to get a biopsy. He say my displasia is so severe he doesn't understand why we cant see anything. So, my displasia runs philosophical. I haven't had a pap smear contained by nine years. So of course I am really massively scared. I am 29 years hoary. A smoker. Just freaks me out! My father died from a stomach
cancer. I have a nine year outdated son. His father died when he was five. i newly don't want to leave him to! If anyone have been through a cancer approaching this please send me some worthy news! oh, and thankfulness for your answers!

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I consistency for you. This isn't a direct answer to your question, but a short time ago an encouraging comment.
I went through cryotherapy (freezing) for mild dysplasia and get it cleared up (about 6 years ago, I'm 28). I was so alarmed then that I quit smoking, but later started back smoking a year or two subsequently and guess what, the dysplasia came backbone.
I started doing some research, and found that smoking is a MAJOR contributor to cervical dysplasia, like you wouldn't believe. You can run a Google investigate with cervical dysplasia and smoking in it to see what I'm discussion about. ( is a trusted site for medical question, also) Unbelievably, my doctor had never even asked me if I smoked or not. When my dysplasia come back the second time, I quit smoking again and the dysplasia cleared up in below a year. It's so funny that you mentioned you are a smoker. Maybe your body is one of the kind to be precise sensitive to cigarette chemicals. Smoking is usually harder on women then men.
If you are this panicky for your son and yourself, take this opportunity to quit smoking. You can do it. It is frozen, I'm not gonna lie, but a short time ago make the choice, that cigarette or your life/son, it's that simple. Sooner than you realize, you will shake the quirk, especially with the sympathetic of motivation you've got. The surgery you will obligation for your dysplasia will take contemplation of the immediate problem, but during the invigorating time, you want your body to be able to alleviate properly, and you don't want the dysplasia to come back or progress then. The human body is amazing in its ability to restore to health itself if you give it a occasion.
I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your original interrogate, but search the internet and phone up your doctor tomorrow to find out. I wish you the best, and perceive free to email me if you've got any more question or want to talk something like it more.

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*Any* cancer can spread throughout your body.

The medical permanent status for spread of cancer is "metastasis."

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sorry, ANY cancer can spread throughout the body (carried by the blood)

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I know my mother had cancer at age 35. This be 25 years ago, and she is in soooo much better physical condition than me at 43! She have 33 tumors throughout her reproductive system, and even attached to her liver. There are a lot more treatments presently than back later. Yes, cervical cancer can spread, but can also be treated. I didn't know what some of the things were you be talking just about, but I do know that many women enjoy survived with treatment, to live a long and stout life. My mom is presently a great grandma, and works like a horse!

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Any cancer can metastasize (spread) to any other portion of your body. That's how it kills, by metastasizing throughout your body.

If this is a metastatic carcinoma, they may not be any honest news. If that's the crust, start talking beside your son's other family member and your own friends, and decide whom you discern would be the best guardian for your son. The courts may not agree with your choice, but they would lift your wishes under advisement.

In the meantime, the best things that you can do for your son are to love him in a minute, and to explain what's happening. Don't rob him of you back it becomes an actual necessity.

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First of all, dysplasia is not cancer, and although it can eventually organize to cancer if not treated, it usually take years.

I don't really understand how severe dysplasia wouldn't show up on a colposcopy. Did he do a biopsy? If not, how did he know it is severe dysplasia? If it does run cavernous, it would have showed up when he done an ECC during the colposcopy. Did he do an ECC? You would remember. Mine be very bumpy!

I have be going through this for two years. I only have mild dysplasia to begin near, and it was see during the colposcopy. It has progressed and I am very soon scheduled for a LEEP. The LEEP is no big accord and should remove the dyplasia.

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