Making yourself throw up?

what are some ways to make yourself throw up?
ive tried using my finger but it wont work.
any tricks?
and no i dont own a eating disorder!
i ate something fruitless and i wanna get it up.
i dont wanna step to the doc or anything just throw it up.

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Ipecac is what most people use for emergency poisoning to induce vomiting.

Then within's The baking soda method - Grab a box of Arm&Hammer and a teaspoon. Ingesting a teaspoon of baking soda is downright nasty (but not harmful), so it'll come final up - along with the contents of your stomach.

and Drinking saline solution - Mix two tablespoons of table brackish with a chalice of lukewarm water and drink in the blink of an eye

Any Way?


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If sticking your fingers down your throat didn't work it must already be too far down. Just let your body bring back rid of it.

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the expiration of a toothbrush...

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honey dont do that, even if its just for a bleak taste, u can capture really sick

just drink a cup of milk and it will jump away

I don't menstruate I have be to doctors and they can't find anything wrong?

Don't do that... it's more likely going to mar your throat, stomach and teeth more than whatever you've eat is. Just leave it, if its going to be a problem your body will raison d`¨ētre you to throw up anyway. Obviously.. if its an emergency call a Dr.

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Well, instead of throwing up, just cart pept-bismol (however you spell it) or some sort of medicine. If you really own to throw up, then I estimate it will come out on its own. If not, wait until tomorrow and it should shift away. However, I find this question a bit strange...

Is it true..?

can't make yourself throw up beside your finger, hmmm :)

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