What is an Orgasm..?

Ive heard race talking almost it, but i dont know what it is?

What happens during a mammogram and does it hurt?

Ask your mommy.

I want helpGirls only!?

ask your parents

Was this my time of year for the month?

below is link for encyclopedia article on orgasm.

How do you stop/control hackle loss?

well, I am not allowed to ask Ur Age, so I freshly assume it is OK.

Orgasm is the best and ultimate sexual pleasure for men and

women, while have intercourse.

I Hope U have one soon.

also In clubs and bar you can get a drink by the identify

of "Screaming Orgasm".

I Hope U have one of them soon.

Which birth control is better---the shots or the vaginal ring?

If you don't know after you're too young to be told.

How do you climax?

This will explain it:

Yeast infectionsnatural cures and more?

You are VERY infantile arent you!?!

Why is my wife's labia minora swollen?

ask this question again in 5 years

This is resembling my 9th period can I wear a tampon?

Muscle contractions.. ask you parents for details

Breast Cancer?

trust me, once you enjoy one, you'll know what it is

I think i should lose weightiness, what should i eat or do?

Ask your mom or dad

Celexa during pregnacy?

At the climax of sexual stir people hold orgasms. Basically, it's screaming, moaning, etc.

Does this happen to any one else?

it's when you attain a rush of bloodflow to your genitals and comes with a overwhelming sensation... and sometimes ejaculation..

Fibroid necessitate advice?

its funny that?! how ppl verbalize about it adjectives the time but apparently most women don't actually know nearby having an orgasm.

i get this off a site: What is an orgasm? An orgasm is an touching and physical experience that occurs during a “sexual response cycle”. Before an orgasm, your body become increasingly excited. Breathing, heart rate and blood pressure increases. The pupils of the eyes dilate; the lips of the mouth darken, the nipples become erect, the clitoris swells, become hard and exposed, (much resembling the aroused penis). With increased excitement, the skin becomes flushed and it begin to sweat.
hope it helps x

My girl have bad pains after we have sex she couldnt move propley please help?

what does btw be set to? An orgasm is a release of built of pressure from stimulation. It feels great, but it is sort of hard to explain. you will lately feel as horny as ever, your mind going crazy and you have a feeling no inhibitions at all, and you will adjectives of a sudden feel these top of extreme pleasure, all thaw and gushing all over your in one piece pelvic area. an orgasm from up inside you, on your gspot is the state-of-the-art release, but a clitoral one feels great too! BUT you are too babyish for sex, grow up a few more years first!

PLEASE help me?

Ask your parents or check out a book surrounded by the school library. Your immensely young and I'm sorry that some of the answers you get were so awful. I'm thinking your younger than you read out you are because 15 year olds have typically have more than one year of sex ed

Can you become pregnant from unprotected anal sex?

This is not a question that can be answered by any one but you. An orgasm is different for respectively individual. Give your self some time. When you finally have one you will know.

I'm 15 years prehistoric and have be having brown discharge?

Here is a cool interconnect that explains it pretty well.


Do women customarily have a brawny period when they are have a herpes outbreak?

I really do hope you are 15.anyways this should clear a few things up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/orgasm...

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